Make compost tea

What Is Compost Tea?

Compost tea can be made with castings. If you add castings to your watering can.Just Allow castings and water to “steep” for a day or two, mixing occasionally helps make nutrients already in the soil available to plants.

Worm castings

How Do I Use Worm Castings?

Worm castings can be used immediately or stored for future use.Worm castings can be added directly to potting soil or garden soil.Worm Castings make nutrients available to plants.Worm Castings can be used as a top dressing for indoor or outdoor plants.

Redwors on compost bin how much can they eat

How Much Can Redworms Eat?

How much can African nightcrawlers (Redworms) eat? Generally speaking, 1 Pound. of red wigglers will recycle ½ Pound of organic matter in 24 hours. African nightcrawlers eat their weight daily so 1 Pound of African nightcrawlers (Redworms) will eat 1 Pound of compost a day.