1/2 lb Red Wigglers

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Red Wigglers are the most common type of composting worm!

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Red Wigglers Composting Worms

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Red Wigglers, or scientifically known as Eisenia fetida or Eisenia Andrei.
both frequently sold as “red wigglers,” because it’s hard to tell them apart visually
And especially with the existence of fertile hybrids closely related to the model earthworm species, Eisenia Andrei and Eisenia fetida.

We will be discussing this further in our blog.

Red wigglers are usually reddish in color sometimes with a red or yellow tail depending on their diet.
with a size of about 3-4 inches long is the average length for an adult, they have alternating bands of darker to lighter red between the bands.

Near the head, there is something called the “clitellum,” commonly referred to as the “saddle.” with the red wiggler, the saddle is slightly larger than the main body, All composting worms have a saddle, some may be flush with the main body in different worms.
Regardless of the worm, they all look about the same. It isn’t until the worm is fully grown that the characteristics can be identified.

Red wigglers have been the go-to worm for vermicomposting because of their high tolerance for temperature and moisture adaptability.

It’s an easier worm to raise for composting as they aren’t as fussy as some of the other composting worms.
A compost worm is called an Epigeic worm, meaning they live on the upper layers of the rich decomposing organic matter just a few inches below the surface.

500 worms on average weigh somewhere around 1/2 lb, eat an estimate of 1/4 lb of organic waste per day.
In theory, red wigglers can eat half their weight each day. This applies to an established worm bin under ideal conditions.
Red Wigglers eating habits are approximate and it all depends on the season, environment, and the food that is served.

500 red wigglers weight about 1/2 lb of worms and will eat about 1/4 lb of food a day
1000 red wigglers weight about 1 lb of worms and will eat about 1/2 lb of food a day
2000 red wigglers weight about 2 lb of worms and will eat about 1 lb of food a day

Red wigglers aren’t really fussy with their environment, as long as it is moist and a good food source and bedding.
Red wigglers can process paper, cardboard, and organic waste very fast and create castings or vermicast aka worm poop, a valuable organic fertilizer for your plants, or can be sold to gardeners.

There are Consequences When You Feed Compost Worms Too Much food like Acidity.

Acidity means you have a low pH level that can be caused by too much food and too many acidic foods in your worm bin and are in danger of dying.
If your worm bin has an odor it means you have too much rotting food.
Your worm bin should have an earthy smell.
Unwanted cutters like ants fruit flies mites love a smelly bin Wet betting and bad odor causes this Try to cut the food up as it helps them eat faster.
If you have excess food waste, freeze it for later feeding Red wigglers love to eat organic food waste, except for dairy products, meats, fats, and oils that can be used to feed your worms.

Dig a hole in the bedding against the corner of the composting bin Place the food in the hole and cover it up with bedding.
In a couple of days check to see if the worms are eating the food Don’t wait until all the food is all gone, feed them once the food is almost consumed.

This method also helps you figure out how often and how much you should feed them.
Feeding frequency will depend on how fast they eat their food.
Red wigglers are most productive when your bin is at 12 to 25 Celsius or 55 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Worms need to breathe, make sure they have plenty of air holes.
We sell bedding for your worms and have all your answers. We use compost worms to decrease our overall carbon footprint on the planet

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