10 liters Perlite – Coarse

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10L Perlite – Coarse

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Natural Coarse Horticultural Perlite

  • Coarse Perlite is generally used to propagate Cuttings.
  • The water-holding ability of Perlite increases the nutrient holding capacity.
  • Perlite is sterile, free of disease, weeds, seeds and insects.
  • Excellent for maintaining moisture within the soil.
  • Nontoxic, safe and economical to use.
  • helps prevent soil compaction
  • Maintains a neutral ph.
  • Light and porous.
  • All natural.

Perlite is a very unique volcanic mineral which expands from five to twenty times its original volume when heated.
When expanded, each granular, bright white particle of perlite is sterile with a neutral pH that contains tiny, closed cells and bubbles becoming practically indestructible, lasting for many years.

Horticulture perlite can be used as a soil amendment or by itself as a medium for hydroponics or for starting cuttings.

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