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5 Kilos WORM CASTINGS 100% Pure!

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Our very own Worm Castings are Perfect For Anyone Looking To Dramatically Improve The Quality Of What You Are Growing.

Worm castings are known as the richest natural fertilizer on earth. A couple of tablespoons of pure worm castings provides enough essential organic plant nutrients that can feed an 8″ potted plant for months.

  • Worm castings stimulate plant growth immediately.
  • Enhance the ability of your soil to retain water.
  • Prevents root diseases such as Root Rot.
  • Non-toxic and odor-free.
  • Contains NO chemicals.
  • Won’t burn your plants.
  • All natural.

Worm castings come from our compost worms that contain rich digested soil that our red wiggler worms (Eisenia foetida) leave behind and are an organic form of fertilizer.

Worm Castings are essentially earthworm waste, otherwise known as worm poop.

As these animals eat through organic waste, their waste creates an amazing soil enhancer.

Your plants will thrive with our dark, rich, pure Premium Worm Castings full of organic plant food, plus beneficial microbes that help plants grow.

Savvy gardeners, soil scientists and microbiologists know them to be chock-full of organic plant food, plus beneficial microbes that aid plant growth and help fight off disease, providing long-term nourishment making it an excellent choice for all plants, including houseplants, flowers, vegetables and trees.

Worm Castings contain all the essential nutrients that plants need as well as enriching the soil in which your plants are grown in. Worm Castings as a fertilizer can be used on any type of plant, it can also be used directly on the plant as top dressing, foliar spray, side dressing, or worked into the soil without burning them.

How to use Worm Castings:

For Germination
Use 40% Peat or Coir 30% Worm Castings 30% Vermiculite as an amazing germination mixture.

Worm Castings As a Fertilizer

A handful of Worm Castings around the base of your plants or lightly work into the soil, and then add water.
They can also be used with a spreader.
You can’t use too much Worm Castings as they cannot harm your plants.

Worm Castings As a Liquid Fertilizer

Worm Castings can be steeped with water.
1 cup Worm Castings for every gallon of water.
18 hours 400 mesh bag.

Activated Aerated Worm Casting Tea

While hanging the bag of worm casting submerged in water over the bubbles,
You are Aerating the Worm Castings and activating the microorganisms.
The best Activated Aerated system i would recommend would be by using a commercial Air Pump.
And we have a link to the ones I would suggest below.

Commercial Air Pumps provide the right amount of water agitation.
An air pump for brewing a 5 gallon bucket of compost tea with an output of 45 liters of air per minute is best, about 20W 45L/min with multiple air-stones.

Added Materials

Material additives can include, Alfalfa, Kelp, Rock Dust, Molasses, Humic and/or Fulvic Acids BioChar, Nutritional Yeast Powder, Alfalfa, Fish Hydrolysate and of course Worm Castings.
Solid materials must be added to the bag, while soluble materials like the molasses should be added to the water.
The natural sugars from the molasses draws the microbes into the solution from the castings while increasing the population of microbes.

Environmental Conditions

Temperature can affect the quality of the Worm tea. If water is too cold, extraction will be slowed; if it is too hot, though, microorganisms may die so move the container in hot weather to a cooler spot.

Water Source

It is important to use water that is as pure. Water containing high levels of salts, heavy metals, pesticides or chlorine should not be used.

Ratio of Worm Castings to Water

If there is too much water for the amount of Worm Castings, the tea will be diluted and won’t be as effective. However, if there are too many Worm Castings, there will be oxygen depletion and anaerobic conditions.

So in a five gallon pail we would recommend:

  • 2 cups worm castings.
  • ¼ – ½ cup of Added Materials.
  • 4 Tablespoons of Molasses.

Characteristics of the Tea Bag

Compost Tea Brew Bag in a 5 Gallon Bucket Size should be 9″x14″ with a 400 Micro Mesh is ideal for brewing worm tea.
The mesh size of the worm tea bag will determine what components of the compost are extracted into the water, burlap can also be used.


When worm tea is not adequately agitated, lack of oxygen can become depleted, stunting aerobic microbial growth, and could lead to anaerobic conditions.

Brew Time

The longer the worm castings remain suspended in the water, the greater the amount of materials will be extracted.
18 to 24 hours is ideal.
The liquid mixture should be used the day you stop brewing

Things To Keep In Mind

Now you have an excellent liquid fertilizer or leaf foliage spray.
Many people prefer foliar spray as it also helps to control insects while fertilizing.
Use a sprayer with a nozzle that provides a light misting.
5 gallons should cover up to an acre per 1 to 5 feet of plant growth every two to three weeks during the growing season.

Worm Tea should be applied before 9:00 a.m. or after 4:00 p.m. on sunny days because sunlight can kill microorganisms and burn your plants.

As a soil drench, Worm tea should be applied at about 1 liter per plant depending on the size of the plant, a tree will need more and a smaller plant will use less.
A good compost tea should smell earthy and sweet and be dark brown.

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